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A.H.A. Design Ltd is a multidisciplinary design studio that specialises in architecture, product design and graphic design. If we sound vertiginously eclectic, we really don’t mean to be. We are just adamant, if not positively evangelical, that a creative vision transcends the media it is created in. We take our inspiration from Charles and Ray Eames who set the design world alight in the 1950’s and 60’s, designing buildings and furniture as well as working in the fields of graphic design and fashion. Somewhere along the line, design and creativity became compartmentalised. We intend to change that.

A.H.A. Design Ltd was established by Andy Hau with the intention of creating a more tailored design experience that offers a closer collaboration with our clients, who are involved from concept stage through to delivery. In a short time since our inception, we have already worked with some high profile clients including Imogen Heap, Photoshop Creative, Hero Complex Gallery, Bottleneck Gallery, as well as the band Gabby Young And Other Animals, whose 2012 album “The Band Called Out For More” won the accolade of being named “this year’s most beautifully designed CD packaging” by the Financial Times.


We are inspired by the emotion and experience created from design, from the largest of buildings to the smallest of logos. Our design solutions are sometimes slightly left-of-centre, often drawing ideas from the past and splicing them with cutting edge technology, giving our projects a highly bespoke personality that not only fulfils the brief, but exceeds it.

In all of our projects, big or small – we strive for that AHA moment where aesthetics, function and originality start to align. A great deal of research goes into our designs to ensure that our designs are not only beautiful but also meaningful. Above everything else, we believe that all design, from its inception to the final product should have an element of joy about it. After all, design is an escape from the futility of modern life, not an endorsement of it.


“Andy Hau is one of those rare designers that strike the perfect balance between meeting the given brief perfectly and going beyond it to add extra depth, resonance and creativity. As well as an architect he's an accomplished illustrator, graphic designer, typographer and writer whose work sparkles with intelligence and wit. I've commissioned him numerous times and he is always an absolute pleasure to work with.”

April Madden
Editor of Photoshop Creative.

"Andy is an absolute genius. I love working with him, I can trust him with any design brief and know that he will far surpass my expectations. As an independent singer/songwriter it is vital for me to collaborate with creatives that are sensitive to and get the most out of my music which Andy does with flair and imagination. I couldn't recommend him highly enough and can't wait to work together on many more projects!"

Gabby Young
Singer/ Songwriter

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For all enquiries or if you just want to say hello, please contact us here:

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